Pasta is back on the menu!

I don’t know about the gluten-free pasta’s you may have tried, but the vast majority I have attempted to eat have been really underwhelming. Most look more like Clag Paste (that stuff you use in craft as a kid and were told NOT to eat..) then pasta and tasted either like cardboard or glue. Yet by some weird coincidence, when I am finding myself strapped for any other options, the one gluten-free pasta I pick up from a store is actually really delicious. Or maybe its just that my body was so excited to have some proper gluten-free food, who knows? I am hoping that its the former. I felt even better about eating it knowing it was made from brown rice and certified as gluten-free. The brand is Canadian so I am not 100% sure in which countries or where you will find it, but google it and when you are shopping, keep an eye out for this packet:


To make it a wholesome and delicious meal I added a tin of tuna and topped with some Barilla olive pasta sauce. Some would think I am strange for coming to Hong Kong and using Australian pasta sauce, but for now, I am sticking to what I know! Add a little cheese and you are set to go! 

Heres a not so flattering photo of my meal. Turns out that before I embarked on cooking the pasta, I should have checked to see if we had bowls in the dorm kitchen! Alas, as I sat and ate pasta from the pot, I had a sense of utter accomplishment and relief in that even in a completely foreign country where they speak a language I do not, I can still get by completely gluten-free. 




A much happier G.E.B.