Franzi’s cupcakes

My dear gluten-free friends I have just died and gone to cupcake heaven! Down at Orange Farmers Markets today is a stall of ‘Franzi’s cupcakes’.

Every single one is gluten free and flavours range across: lemon cupcakes with white choc icing, chocolate, apple-cinnamon, traditional Swiss carrot, raspberry, black and white with chocolate icing.

They are so beautiful too! Check out my personal favourites – the duck pond icing collection:




To show her thanks and for having so many gluten free types I have eaten my full… And bought a take home pack… Come and help out too! Or if your not near orange – check out the Facebook page –

Happy Saturday Coeliacs!


2 thoughts on “Franzi’s cupcakes

  1. Clever Franzi! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wonderful cupcake display! AND THEY’RE GLUTEN FREE!! Save me one, Franzi!

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