Why its 100% easier to be ‘gluten-full’ in Hong Kong then gluten-free

Why its 100% easier to be 'gluten-full' in Hong Kong then gluten-free

It would be an understatement to say that living gluten-free in Hong Kong has been a huge challenge, and it would also be a lie to say I have succeeded 100% of the time. Where in most parts of the world there is a health trend and fad gluten-free dieters creating demand for gluten-free products, for the most part in Hong Kong this is not the case, and especially not out in the New Territories where CUHK is located. Thus, today, when I was searching for a gluten-free snack I was faced with everything I shouldn’t eat. Amongst the mass of gluten, this photographed delight certainly took the cake (excuse the pun) for the most ‘gluten-full’. A delightful delicacy made up of cake INSIDE bread, talk about gluten and calorie overload. Kudos Hong Kong, you never seem to amaze me. How you are all so skinny is a mystery to me but my hat goes off to you!


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