Catchya later Sydney. Bring on Hong Kong.

It’s a surreal feeling when you finally sit down at the airport, all packed, ready to go. It’s especially the case when your travelling with any Bennett. I don’t know what gene must run in the family but things just cannot go smoothly the day of an airport departure. This morning was no different. After the usually running around making sure everything is there, we go to get in B’s car and what do we get greeted by – a smashed window and a car full of glass… Well there goes my ride to the airport…

Whilst we do have the worst luck, we are quick learners. On my last international flight I wasn’t aware that gluten-free meals had to be ordered 48 hours in advance. Now you can take it from me – flying 11 hours without proper food is NOT fun. Luckily a air hostess took pity on me and delivered chocolate regularly and a little first class fruit and cheese. Still, eating that much chocolate and cheese just makes you feel sick. Thankfully I learnt from this lesson and was utterly relieved to hear the lady at the check in say – ‘we have a gluten-free meal for you!’. Not sure how its going to taste but its got to be better then nothing!

Alas, I am calmly sitting, sipping my mimosa, waiting to board and getting excited for my HK adventures! Wish me luck!



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