Brunch crashing – Cat style!


In the middle of brunch on Sunday my friend turned to me and goes ‘Gill, is that your cat?’. Technically she is my brothers cat, but since he moved to Melbourne, I have become her adoptive mother. I am more of a dog person but seeing the whole street owns the cat she’s not too hard to look after. She is quite smart too and has learnt that going house to house meowing gets you fed a lot more then just having one house. Though Sundays trick; coming across the road to the cafe in search of a tid bit, is new. I would even say a bit desperate, especially when she doesn’t need any now food (read: she needs more of a diet then food). Regardless, it was pretty cute and I allowed her a little cuddle before sending her back on her way. I don’t think it’s everyday someone’s cat invites its self to brunch!

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