So I don’t know what has happened in Sydney over the last week but winter has very swiftly turned to summer. And man am I not complaining! Summer means shorts, swimming, the beach, and smoootthhhiiieesss. Well lets not lie, I’m such an addict that any warm, sunny day in winter is enough of an excuse too, but this past week has seen a major revival in my almost daily trips to Melonhead.

By now your probably thinking – what is this? Well – Melonhead is a juice/smoothie bar in Coogee. As well as that though they offer yoghurt, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit salad and even whey grass shots (if your that way inclined).

So with Sydney looking this this today:


It was inevitable that I would wind up in Coogee getting my typical ‘Mango Smoothie’ from Melonhead! For those coeliacs who can eat oats, and non-coeliacs, another favorite of my friends is the Honeybee. Alas, oats are not for me, at least not just yet!

If your in Sydney I strongly recommend going down to Coogee and getting one and going to sit on the beach, either by yourself with your thoughts or take friends and share the serenity! If you are unsure about the gluten-freeness of anything ask – they are really friendly and helpful :)




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