Need a brunch suggestion in Sydney? You cannot go past Orto Trading Co. in Surry Hills!

Whilst I may be a little biased as this place is quite literally my neighbour, I have taken friends, family, lovers and pretty much strangers to Orto for brunch and all have loved it. Whilst not an exclusively gluten free restaurant they have lots of delicious gluten-free options and are meticulous in ensuring it doesn’t get contaminated! My favourite is most definitely the Potato Hash. This is a large potato hashbrown topped with ham, Fresh tomato, avocado, lemon dressed rocket, asparagus + a poached egg (pictured below).


Finish the meal off with a coffee, chai tea or one of their juices and your day will be off to a roaring start. The pineapple, passionfruit, apple and lime juice is particularly delicious (and totally instagram worthy!).Image

My other favourite on the menu involves mix and matching the scramble eggs with the sides – the Boston Baked Beans and mushrooms are out of this world good.

Add it to your to-go list.


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