O dear… No Max brennar lady milk does not contain gluten….

So I just had another of those hilarious REALLY? Moments that us coeliacs often get. Before going to see a movie with friends I figured I’d get a coffee to keep me awake. Max Brennar at Bondi Junction is just below the cinema and was a standard pre-movie stop before I became a Coeliac. Clearly the waffles are off the cards but I figured their coffee would be ok. As the good little coeliac I am, I asked if their chocolate was gluten free before I decided between a mocha and a plain latte. The lady behind the counter proceeded to tell me I couldn’t have any type of coffee as milk has gluten in it… I tried for a few minutes to explain I was a coeliac so no gluten not no lactose but she wouldn’t listen. The only thing I got was – “you can have a chocolate lick as that’s gluten free but no milk in anything”… Well Max Brennar lady you loose this round, the coffee from downstairs was hassle free and delicious so you won’t be seeing me again!

Tip: want a coffee at bondi junction, go to D’ough Espresso not Max Brennar…



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